The Nymphaeum Life Mission Statement

The Nymphaeum Life Mission

The Nymphaeum Life mission is to offer real women, real solutions, to real life situations. Nymphaeum was created to help free women, especially black women and women of color from past hurts so that she can be fully present in the moment and open to love. Nymphaeum Life is a movement that will channel greater levels of intimacy between women and their partners, which energizes their being and expand love for each other, the world, and the universe. Nymphaeum is here to guide women towards authenticity and show her how to “rise above murky waters” and experience passionate living.

About Yhanna Soul

Yhanna Soul is a professional counselor with over a decade of experience working within the public school system. After a 16 year turbulent marriage, she was emotionally wounded and spiritually disengaged. In search of her identity and a deeper calling, her healing began when she discovered and learned meditation, and later tantric practices. From there, possibilities she never imagined began to arise. Self doubt faded into the past and she was able to cut the cords that previously left her stagnant. As her spirit was renewed, the practice Nymphaeum Life was born. She is trained as a tantric practitioner, a mindfulness and psychotherapist, and as a reiki practitioner. These practices are now integrated enabling her as an Intimacy and Relationship Coach.

Yhanna is committed to creating strong souls and warrior princesses based on what she calls “Purposeful Pain”. Through her journey, she is equipped to share tangible practices that will give you the power to reclaim what is yours – your IDENTITY. An open heart and mind are all you need to find your way through your pain and get your life back.

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