What is Nymphaeum Life?

Every ancient culture, however primitive or advanced, has worshiped the sacred feminine.


They understood the power of the goddess, her wisdom, her strength and her divinity. Civilizations created special spaces to worship their goddesses and allow them to connect with the Divine Mother. The act of birth was considered the greatest miracle and the goddesses’ blessings brought peace and harmony.

Progress and advancement often come at a price and as civilization developed we lost our understanding and appreciation of the sacred feminine. Many of the problems facing women today are a direct result of losing our connection to the goddess. Women no longer see themselves as goddesses and live in a society that prevents them from seeing their true selves.

At Nymphaeum Life the tradition of honoring the goddess is continued.


By creating a sacred space dedicated to today’s goddess, women can reconnect with their inner divinity. Women can find their inner goddess and her embrace her strength, beauty, resiliency and peace. The spiritual journey to finding and accepting her natural place as a goddess allows a woman to realize her full potential. It will bring peace and balance to her life and give her the strength to withstand any adversity.

Modern society is often a cruel, toxic place and it is easy to become lost and listless. Unhappiness, dysfunctional relationships, depression and mental exhaustion are the hallmarks of a world that has lost its connection to the sacred feminine. Nymphaeum Life is a sanctuary, a place of relaxation and healing that allows women to find the peace and calm needed to revitalize their lives.

Nymphaeum Life is more than just a safe space, it is a movement that enhances the lives of all women, particularly those who have suffered from any form of oppression. It allows them to become fully present in themselves, to feel and love openly and have the confidence to live their lives to the fullest.


Through a combination of ancient philosophies such as reiki and tantra and more modern techniques like psychotherapy and mindfulness, women are provided with the tools to bring about real, sustainable change in their lives. Nymphaeum Life is committed to creating strong souls and warrior princesses based on what founder Yhanna Soul calls “Purposeful Pain”.

Yhanna Has Travelled A Journey

Yhanna has travelled this journey herself, emerging from a difficult and emotionally damaging 16 year relationship through a deep and reflective period of self discovery to become a true modern goddess. Yhanna found her identity and strength through meditation and tantric practices. Seeing so many other women struggling just like her, unaware of their value and true power, she trained as a reiki and tantric practitioner, psychotherapist and mindfulness coach. Yhanna now offers a number of workshops designed to empower women, from finding happiness in themselves to embracing and harnessing the power of their inner goddess. Hour long reiki sessions unblock the chakras and allow ki to flow freely through the body, bringing harmony both physically and mentally.

Nymphaeum Life believe that these principles should be available to every woman, regardless of background and situation.

A free introductory workshop is open to any woman who wants to connect with their inner goddess. The fundamentals of Tantra will be taught and women will be shown how to apply them to see an immediate and lasting effect in their lives. The awakening of the inner goddess can be experienced in a safe, welcoming space and the true power of tantric techniques can be seen.


Yhanna also offers one to one sessions to guide you on the journey at Nymphaeum Life. She understands that every woman is different and her experiences and needs are as unique as she is. Yhanna excels in providing bespoke counseling and solutions that real woman can use to enhance their lives. The skills and techniques you will learn are not only practical but very effective. You will be awakened to the potential of your inner goddess in the very first session.

Nymphaeum Life is the compass that many women are missing in their life. It will point them towards their true selves, the powerful, all loving goddess. It sparks the resilience, strength and compassion that lays dormant inside every woman. It will give you the power to find and truly become yourself in a world that is lost. By finding the power to change and love yourself through Nymphaeum Life, you find the power to change the world.


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