Power Of The Women’s Circle

The women’s circle is a powerful force that has existed since the very dawn of civilization. Both its power and its longevity are due to the circle’s simplicity, to the basic bond of sisterhood, the most primal tribe of all. The women’s circle has been a place of empowerment, healing and teaching in every society, no matter how remote or how ancient. The protection of the women’s circle has become even more important in modern society. Women face an unprecedented assault of toxic stresses every day. From the moment we wake up our phones, TV, magazines and peers heap pressure on us to look, feel and live a certain way. The women’s circle provide a powerful defense against a world that demands women become personal brands rather than make personal bonds.


A women’s circle is one of the few things in life that is greater than the sum of its parts. The power of a group of women sitting in a circle, sharing openly and without judgement, supports and lifts every woman in that circle. It allows you to realize the full potential of your emotional strength and gives you the safe space in which to build your confidence. We live in a world where faceless people hide behind anonymous usernames ready to tear down anyone who dares to be different. The women’s circle is the polar opposite, real women supporting each other face to face, forming real and lasting bonds of friendship and sisterhood.

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The circle is the ultimate symbol of equality. It has no beginning or end, no top or bottom. All women sit in the circle as equals, their experiences and knowledge as valued as they are diverse. In fact, it is very hard not to respect a woman when she opens up to you face to face. The circle strips away all the labels that society tries to force on us in place of an identity, career, body shape, skin color, sexuality. In the circle every woman is simply a woman, a sister, both individual and beautiful.


One of the greatest strengths found in the women’s circle is the strength to show weakness. We live our lives with a pathological fear of showing weakness or admitting we are afraid. There is always someone waiting to jeer or mock. Fat shaming, homophobia and racism are endemic to the point where women feel they must guard their true feelings for fear of being judged. A women’s circle has always been a safe place where any subject can be discussed. It is so rare to find a group of people where everyone is willing to lay their souls bare and make themselves completely vulnerable. A women’s circle is almost unique in this way today and it is now accepted that a lack of any similar outlet for men is behind much of the anger found in young men today.


One of the earliest functions of the women’s circle was to pass knowledge from one generation to another. Three and even four generations of women would sit together and pass along the lessons of life to one another. This is incredibly important today as the more we are connected digitally, the more disconnected spiritually we are becoming. We have mistaken data for knowledge and entire generations of young women are not learning how to live and love. Sexual, spiritual and emotional wellbeing can’t be learned in a book or taken in pill form. It can only be learned from discussing and experiencing with real women who share a genuine bond.

Inner Goddess

The real power of the women’s circle is the awakening of the Inner Goddess that lives inside every woman. Sitting in the circle, each woman is in the perfect environment to connect with her most powerful energies. She can see her worth, her beauty and her potential. In a safe, positive space, supported by powerful women, every woman can connect with her Divine Feminine and use that energy to create a happy, fulfilling life, free of hurt and full of passion.

Nymphaeum Life

Nymphaeum Life is a movement created by professional counsellor Yhanna Soul to guide women in their search to find their Inner Goddess, find peace in a turbulent world and form emotionally fulfilling relationships. Nymphaeum Life is a safe space for all women, regardless of background, that teaches them how to heal and live through reiki, tantra, mindfulness and psychotherapy. Yhanna Soul combines aspects of all these techniques to help women find their true selves, warriors and goddesses. No what matter where you are in life, no matter what hurts you have suffered, Nymphaem Life can guide you on your path to reclaiming your identity and your happiness.

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