Traditional Massage vs Reiki Massage

Reiki massage is a style of spiritual cleansing and healing.

The most familiar form of massage, technically known as Swedish massage,  is a purely physical experience. It uses pressure to manipulate the body, particularly the muscles. Five different strokes are used to loosen the muscles and increase blood flow. Its benefits have been known for centuries, evidenced by the wide range of massage techniques that have developed in nearly every culture worldwide and throughout history. Massage is very relaxing and has been shown to reduce stress-induced cortisol levels in the body, as well as relieving anxiety and stress. Its ability to mentally relax patients is very powerful, and evidence of the strong connection between mind and body. It is a staple method of all sports therapists, physiotherapists and healers.

Reiki MassageReiki massage, on the other hand, is unique in that it requires little to no physical contact. Reiki is a style of spiritual cleansing and healing originating in Japan. Its popularity has soared in recent years as more people discover its amazing benefits. It has reached the stage it is almost practiced as a religion by many. Reiki massage is, at its most basic, the focus and manipulation of a universal life energy known as ki. A similar Chinese concept, known as chi, is very familiar and ki is simply the Japanese understanding of the same idea.

Ki is the life force that sustains every living thing in the universe. It flows through the body along a series of pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. As it does, it gives life and vitality to the various organs and cells in the body. Ki also flows around the body in a field called an aura. If ki flows freely, the body and mind are healthy and happy. However, ki can become obstructed from moving freely and consequently, a person’s life force can become low. Ki is very susceptible to mental problems and worries. Negative energy, tension and stress can all lead to chakras becoming blocked. Negative thoughts bind to the chakras and prevent positive energy from moving through them.  As a result, a person’s physical and mental health suffers as their life force diminishes.


A useful analogy is that of the role blood flow plays in traditional massage. As the muscles are kneaded and rolled by the massage therapist, they become relaxed and looser. Blood flow is stimulated and increases. It moves more freely through the body, bringing vital nutrients to the different organs in the body. In Reiki massage, Ki performs the same role on a more spiritual, mental plane.

A Reiki practitioner can focus ki and cause it to flow through the chakras affected by negative energy. Positive energy clears away the negative, realigns and clears the pathways so the life force can flow again strongly. A Reiki massage practitioner’s skill lies in their ability to attune to the Reiki life force. This is a very specific ability that cannot be taught as such but is passed on to a student by a Reiki master. Once a Reiki practitioner taps into the unlimited Reiki life force energy, they can channel through a series of hand positions, meditation and the use of crystals.

Like traditional massage, Reiki massage is focused on being an intensely relaxing experience. The client lies on their back in a darkened, often candlelit room. Quiet, soothing meditation music plays and many practitioners make use of incense. A blanket is placed over the client to make them warm and comfortable. The more relaxed a client is the more open they are to the experience. Traditional massage, especially those performed in health spas, follow a similar routine. By allowing the client to unwind, it becomes easier to loosen knots in the muscles. With no tension in the muscles or joints, the massage strokes become much more effective.

A Reiki massage is a very intense spiritual experience. Clients become very introspective and calm. They feel a deep glow of happiness and contentment flow through and around them. Many fall asleep during treatment or report feeling disconnected with their bodies, but wonderfully in tune with their minds. A very physical feeling of well-being washes over them. With their life force restored to its full potential, a calm and quiet confidence surge through people. Reiki massage heals from the inside and does so on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. It has been shown to help manage pain, beat depression and heal health problems ranging from bruising to heart disease. Reiki massage can do no harm and can be used to complement any other medical procedure.

So, while traditional massage offers a very effective, physical intense treatment for a narrow range of problems, Reiki massage takes a more subtle, but more holistic approach. It heals the body and mind as one, rather than target specific problems. Every Reiki massage is a full body healing session.




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