reiki benefits

Reiki Benefits: A New Type of Healing

When looking for alternative medicine therapies, the Reiki benefits stand out. The Japanese word “rei” means universal energy, and “ki” means vital energy. Reiki is a way of healing the mind and the body through energy. The benefits of Reiki healing include improving our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual being. It’s a noninvasive technique that heals through the imposition of hands on one’s body, transferring the universal energy.

This ancient Japanese technique has been used by many people around the world for, at least, 100 years. And of course, it can’t be considered a scientific technique, but its practitioners and clients affirm it has many benefits.

7 Reiki Benefits

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group meditation

Benefits of Group Meditation

Before talking about group meditation, also known as shared meditation, we need to ask you: When was the last time took some time for yourself? When was the last time you had the chance to create meaningful interactions? Have you considered how much time you spend talking to others online? Today interactions are defined by technology, is not a bad thing, unless that is the only type of interaction you get, and if that’s the case, meditating in groups can become a lifesaver.

We get the feeling we are connected, and in a way, we are. How many times do we check Twitter or Instagram? We are constantly searching for contact with others, but we tend to choose the digital connection because it seems easier and safer.

Even our attention span is shorter! We want things to be immediate; we close a web page if it doesn’t charge in 2 seconds and we just can’t stop scrolling on Facebook. Don’t you think we need a break? A time to truly connect with ourselves and others? If you do, then you must try group meditation.

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Why those who meditate age slower

Why those who meditate age slower

Meditation is one of the most powerful, yet underused, methods of slowing the aging process. A 10 minute meditation session each day is more effective than using the latest $50 anti-aging cream. The mental and spiritual benefits of meditation are very well appreciated but we still aren’t fully aware of its potential in aiding our physical health, especially when it comes to aging. So how exactly does daily meditation keep you looking youthful and vibrant? Continue Reading