Is it possible to change your life using the power of positive thinking? This is a subject that has been discussed for years, and this is because there is an iota of truth in it. Despite the fact that the term ‘positive thinking’ does not pack as much weight as terms such as ‘persistence’ or even ‘work ethic,’ i.e. the belief in the moral value of work, it still packs a mean punch in this era.

Positive thinking is a lot more than having or displaying an optimistic façade or just being happy all the time. In-depth research has shown that when you are surrounded by positive energy or engender positive thoughts, your life will experience a turn-around in the direction of those thoughts, and real value will be added to it. Continue Reading

Power Of The Women’s Circle

The women’s circle is a powerful force that has existed since the very dawn of civilization. Both its power and its longevity are due to the circle’s simplicity, to the basic bond of sisterhood, the most primal tribe of all. The women’s circle has been a place of empowerment, healing and teaching in every society, no matter how remote or how ancient. The protection of the women’s circle has become even more important in modern society. Women face an unprecedented assault of toxic stresses every day. From the moment we wake up our phones, TV, magazines and peers heap pressure on us to look, feel and live a certain way. The women’s circle provide a powerful defense against a world that demands women become personal brands rather than make personal bonds.


A women’s circle is one of the few things in life that is greater than the sum of its parts. The power of a group of women sitting in a circle, sharing openly and without judgement, supports and lifts every woman in that circle. It allows you to realize the full potential of your emotional strength and gives you the safe space in which to build your confidence. We live in a world where faceless people hide behind anonymous usernames ready to tear down anyone who dares to be different. The women’s circle is the polar opposite, real women supporting each other face to face, forming real and lasting bonds of friendship and sisterhood. Continue Reading

Meditation For Couples

3 Reasons Why Couples Need Meditation

Meditation For Couples

Meditation doesn’t always have to be done alone. If you have a romantic partner, meditation can help strengthen and foster the relationship. Couple meditation is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking better and more connected relationships.It also builds emotional as well as physical intimacy between the partners. If it is properly done, couples can get to experience spiritual healing and freedom. In fact, there are some basic reasons why couples should really consider meditating together.


Why Couples Need Meditation

A couple meditating together would achieve some certain basic relationship goals;
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