Meditation For Couples

3 Reasons Why Couples Need Meditation

Meditation For Couples

Meditation doesn’t always have to be done alone. If you have a romantic partner, meditation can help strengthen and foster the relationship. Couple meditation is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking better and more connected relationships.It also builds emotional as well as physical intimacy between the partners. If it is properly done, couples can get to experience spiritual healing and freedom. In fact, there are some basic reasons why couples should really consider meditating together.


Why Couples Need Meditation

A couple meditating together would achieve some certain basic relationship goals;
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4 Ways of Connecting With Your Spiritual Self

People often talk about finding their spiritual or higher self. We are aware that there is a spiritual side innate in us that we need to be in touch with more frequently. The pressure from the world outside of us can be drowning, hurting our emotional and psychological side. The pressure at work or in academics, pressure from family and relationships give us so much anxiety and distress at times. Sometimes we just want to take it slow and find our inner selves. However, the process to finding one’s spiritual self and keeping in touch with it is often unknown and difficult for a lot of people. We want to connect to the universe through our spirit but we cannot seem to decipher how. Identifying how to keep in touch with this unique part of us would have us on a journey to freedom.

Difference between being Spiritual and Religious

Even though religion is born out of spirituality, the two terms are quite different. Being religious means that you believe in something and have a particular way if worship which is spiritual. Spirituality means that you give personal attention to your inner self and practice this often.

4 ways to connect with your spiritual self

Constant practice and devotion can help in our quest to attain spiritual strength and freedom. There are a lot of ways to achieve this; the following 4 are good starts.

  1. Meditation: Frequent meditation is key towards achieving a connection with our spiritual self. There are different ways by which people of different religions can meditate to help them achieve this goal. The Christians do this through prayer and worship as well as studying the Bible. The Muslims meditate by praying five times daily to create a bond with their creator. Meditation can be done in simpler ways too. You can meditate by doing simple everyday activities that help you relax or make you happy. You can listen to songs that speak to your spirit and give you hope. You can visit gardens or beautiful places that help lift up your spirit and give you a sense of happiness and closeness to nature. Some people meditate using yoga or some form of exercise.

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