Can Tantra practices help my relationship?

Can Tantra practices help my relationship?

Most of us have intimacy blocks that keep us from connecting to one another.

We often find that we encounter the same problems in relationships with different people. The modern approach is to project the source of these problems onto others. How often do we hear “I only attract the wrong type”. However, the only common denominator in all your relationships is you.

We embrace tantric principles and become true to ourselves, our relationships improve exponentially. Once those blocks are released then you are free to explore the love within you and be able to connect to another. Continue Reading

What is Tantra Yoga?

Tantra Yoga comes from ancient Sanskrit language meaning “expanding through your awareness. “Tantra is a spiritual path that involves very specific practices that use breath, sounds, movement, and symbols to quiet the mind and activate sexual energy, directing it throughout the body to achieve states of consciousness and bliss. Continue Reading