3 Reasons Why Couples Need Meditation

Meditation For Couples

Meditation For Couples

Meditation doesn’t always have to be done alone. If you have a romantic partner, meditation can help strengthen and foster the relationship. Couple meditation is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking better and more connected relationships.It also builds emotional as well as physical intimacy between the partners. If it is properly done, couples can get to experience spiritual healing and freedom. In fact, there are some basic reasons why couples should really consider meditating together.


Why Couples Need Meditation

A couple meditating together would achieve some certain basic relationship goals;

  1. Meditation For CouplesRelaxing Together: Everyone these days seems to have a busy life. People rarely have time to sit back an relax and take in some warmth. This has also affected a lot of relationships. As people are only shallowly connected due to lack of ample time together. Meditation as a couple would help you relax and be together in the best of ways. When you meditate with each other, you simply learn to just be with that person and enjoy each other.
  2. Strengthens Intimacy: Intimacy should be present in every relationship. Meditation helps to rekindle the fire that was once burning before everyone got too busy in their individual worlds. During meditation you do not have to speak to connect, you connect on a mental, spiritual and physical level. Your bodies speak to themselves, making you discover even more secrets about your partner. This is the greatest kind of intimacy as your spirits are in tune with themselves, understanding each other and being more intimate.
  3. Enhances general Well-being: Meditation among couples also benefits them on a health level. They witness neurochemical changes in the brain, that help them stay on a higher level of bliss. This elevates their overall well-being as they are mentally stable and all-round fulfilled.

How Couples can Practice Meditation

Whether you’re new to this a not, there are basic ways a couple can begin to meditate with each other. It includes some Tantric methods which help in spiritual healing and physical connectedness.

  1. Synchronized Breathing: In this meditation technique just sit face to face with your partner and watch each other breathe. Look straight into the eyes of your partner, especially with the left eye, make sure you pupils are still and focused. As you breathe in and breathe out, watching your partner do the same, in no time your breathing partner will be synchronized. You don’t have to try to match your partners breathing pace, just let it happen naturally. Try to concert and discourage your mind from wandering off the present. Be at alert, relax and enjoy the process. Let yourself get comfortable with it, your mind and body should be at rest. In no time, everything would be at same pace.
  2. Have some Chats Daily: Tantra is about building lasting and deep connections. To love life and be happy with it. As part of this, you and your partner have to take about 5-10 minutes a day to check up on each other. Talk about a few things and listen attentively to each other. Talk about anything, your feelings, your daily work schedule, your experiences and what you’re thinking about. Let each person listen closely to what the other has to say without unnecessary interruptions. To do this effectively, first make yourselves comfortable. Ascertain who will begin to talk first and who will listen. Take turns, let the roles switch as soon as the other person is done talking. Thank each other for sharing and listening.
  3. Practice Melting Hugging: People hug each other often but not in the tantric way. A hug should not just be a mere gesture, but a way of connecting with the mind and body of whoever you’re hugging. This can be achieved through a melting hug. A melting hug will run for minutes, as couples allow themselves relax in each other’s arms, as their whole body participates in this activity. Let the other person’s body sink into you. Do not rush anything, feel comfortable, relax and enjoy what is going-on. As you breathe out, you reveal a sense of you for your partner to feel and as you breathe in, you allow your partner’s energy sink in. Relax your feet on the ground and just melt into each other. This hug can be practiced sitting down in a spooning position or even not facing each other. For example if your partner is busy in the kitchen as you walk in, you can hug him/her from behind and melt into it for a while.
  4. Create Sexual Connectedness: Couples can use tantric techniques to get to know their bodies better. Experience the warmth flowing through your body and absorb each other’s energy. Be present, not just physically, but with your mind and soul. Relax and enjoy the passionate moments with each other.
  5. Meditation For CouplesBe comfortable in your Silence: Sometimes you should not do anything. Especially when you have practiced the above steps. Just sit there and listen to each other breathe. Relax and enjoy the moment, smile to draw in the other person. Absorb the silence filled with your aura. Let your mind be in the moment as you sit watching each other. You can change positions like lay down if you want. Just get comfortable with each other’s silence.
  6. Say Thank You: Learn to appreciate each other at the end of every meditation by saying thank you. You shoubld see your partner as divine and learn to show that you love and are grateful for having them in your life. There also Tantric methods of saying thank you. You could research on this and practice if you like.

Meditation is an effective way of building a strong bond with your partner. Tantra provides techniques for even better spiritual connectedness and finding each other’s souls. Everyone can have better relationships if they put in more effort to understanding each other better and appreciating the individualism of their partners. This is what meditation aims to do; to help you realize the spiritual side of your partner and bond on this level. Taking some time out to meditate is definitely a great idea for couples.

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