The Meditation Evaluation Quiz

The Meditation Evaluation Quiz

What’s my meditation score?

Breathe in, breath out, breathe in, breathe out. How well are you meditating? Take this quiz to find out. And check for a special offer and MEDITATION VIDEO at the end!

The Meditation Evaluation Quiz

Question 1 of 12.

How often do you meditate?

1. Every day, no matter what
2. Every day, unless something big happens
3. I skip a day or two per week
4. I’ve been skipping many days, to be honest
Question 2 of 12.

What happens when you close your eyes to meditate?

1. I let my whole being go with the flow and feel relaxed
2. I keep thinking about my meditation technique
3. I need a few minutes of deep breathing to get comfy
4. Suddenly, I remember everything ever
Question 3 of 12.

When it comes to your feelings during the meditation, you:

1. Get a wider picture by the end of meditation
2. Try hard but rarely manage to catch your true feelings
3. Observe your feelings at the beginning
4. Can’t really focus on feelings because of the overwhelming thoughts
Question 4 of 12.

Are you capable of staying in the present moment while meditating?

1. Yes, always
2. Mostly no
3. No, never
4. Mostly yes
Question 5 of 12.

What happens with your focus during the meditation?

1. I’m still trying to tame and direct my focus
2. It addresses whatever I choose
3. I’m mostly focused on the things around me
4. It’s completely out of my control
Question 6 of 12.

What would happen if you would encounter anxiety during your meditation process?

1. I would embrace it. I want to get to know myself completely.
2. I guess I’d be curious and stick with it for a while.
3. It is actually happening every time and I really don’t know what to do.
4. I would end the process because of this or any similar frustrating feeling.
Question 7 of 12.

When you meditate, your breathing is:

1. Slow, deep, abdominal
2. Slow, deep, chest
3. Abdominal and not too slow or too deep
4. I’m not even sure
Question 8 of 12.

Describe the place(s) where you meditate.

1. It’s not too light or tidy
2. It’s a mega-mess
3. I can meditate virtually anywhere
4. Comfortable, with natural light, quiet
Question 9 of 12.

When you meditate, your phone is:

1. Usually on, as I forget to turn it off
2. In silent mode
3. Completely off
Question 10 of 12.

What do you do when you cannot clear your mind completely?

1. I end up frustrated big-time.
2. I stop meditating and try coming back to it later.
3. I still try to enjoy. It’s not always possible anyway.
4. I almost never clear my mind completely but that doesn’t stop me.
Question 11 of 12.

Do you tend to eat before practicing meditation?

1. Maybe a bit of light food
2. I usually don’t
3. I usually don’t
4. Yes, sometimes even a lot
Question 12 of 12.

Which of the following would you say meditation is to you?

1. A pleasant, relaxing, stress-relieving activity
2. An enlightening activity that helps me understand myself
3. Yet another hobby I don’t think I’ll manage to stick with
4. A lifestyle upgrade and a healthy fashion

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The Meditation Evaluation Quiz

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