Bringing Mindfulness to your Yoga Mat

mindful yoga

Staying focused on asanas can be difficult. Yoga is not just about adopting the poses. It’s about ensuring you are completely connected to the present moment as well. So it’s important to take some extra precautions to have a more mindful yoga.

“Mindfulness is the process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.”

When it comes to practicing yoga, I have been the student who gets distracted easily. I often used to catch myself doing the complete wrong posture for a number of breaths. Forgetting to breathe and having tuned out on where to land my foot used to be the common mistakes I used to make on every session. But not anymore. I figured out some methods to refocus my concentration on myself to bring more mindfulness to my yoga session.

This article is all about how to eliminate your distractions and connect yourself to the present by bringing mindfulness to your yoga mat and show you the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Get rid of the distractions to have a more mindful yoga:

If you must really have your cell phone with you on the yoga mat then make sure you don’t put it in front of you. The constant notifications or messages won’t let you focus on your yoga practice or breathing. Put it at the back of your yoga mat or cover it with something. And when I say get rid of your distractions, I also mean your watch or any other personal belongings. You must only have your yoga mat and props for practice with you while you are doing yoga.

To practice a mindful yoga session, only focus on your breathing and follow your instructor and just go with the flow. One of the benefits of yoga and meditation is that it helps you to reduce stress responses in your body. Yoga and meditation can reduce your chance of stress-related conditions like high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and panic disorders.

Resist the urge to compare yourself with others to have a mindful yoga:

mindful yoga

It’s important to only focus on yourself and your progress while doing yoga. But often our mind wanders around and starts comparing ourselves with other yogis in the class. I know it’s tempting to compete with other participants when they are doing advanced variations of the pose being presented. But you must remember yoga is more than just being more flexible or losing weight, it’s about connecting yourself to the present and bringing mindfulness to your body, mind, and soul. With yoga, there is no end goal. Just constantly push your own boundaries and improve your own individual practice.

Once you enter a class, set up your yoga mat and then close your eyes and concentrate on yourself. This will help you to bring mindfulness before you begin. Yoga and meditation have been proved to improve mental focus and give you an emotional boost. The benefits of yoga and meditation include an emotional boost through deep breathing and deep relaxation of body and mind.

A mindful yoga can be achieved once you let go of the agenda:

When it comes to yoga practice, don’t set any goals for yourself. Often we set up goals like weight loss or flexibility. But we forget that yoga is not like any other workout session. It needs to be recognized mindfully. Don’t think about what you can achieve from your practice session. Just go with the flow. Concentrate what your body is feeling and practice the poses that feel right at that moment. This way you can bring more mindfulness to your yoga mat.

A healthy dose of yoga and meditation can keep you sharp and help you to achieve a clear mind. One of the benefits of yoga and meditation is that its techniques help you to free your mind from stress and achieve a mental clarity through deep breathing.

Use your breath to have a more mindful yoga:

The common practice in any school of meditation is to train their students to quiet the mind by bringing awareness to their breath. This method can be applied to yoga too. Yoga is a breath-centered practice. By focusing on your breathing you anchor yourself to the present moment. Try to tune your body to your breath and notice whether your breathing is feeling half-hearted or enthusiastic or smooth or jagged. This practice will help you to achieve a one-pointed attentiveness for long stretches of time and will allow you to have a more mindful yoga.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are endless. Yoga and meditation can help you to improve your sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga and meditation can help you to slow your thoughts and get a good night of sleep.

Practice Savasana to have a mindful yoga:

It goes without saying that Savasana is an important part of the practice session for yoga. It helps you to completely relax your body and mind. Often I see many yogis start to pack up their yoga mat when it’s time to practice Savasana. Maybe they just don’t understand the benefits of the pose. Practicing Savasana at the end of the practice session sets the tone how you will feel as you leave your practice. Savasana helps you to feel more mindful and energized throughout the day. Next time you practice yoga, invest 15 minutes more to stay for the Savasana and have a more mindful yoga.

“Savasana is the final resting posture in a yoga session.”

One of the benefits of yoga and meditation is that it can help you to achieve inner peace and improve your immunity. Yoga and meditation are intended to achieve complete stress-free and healthy life.

So to achieve a mindful yoga, you have to put in some work. It’s more to showing up for your yoga session and going through the motions. Apply these methods to reconnect yourself to the present and bring more mindfulness to your yoga mat.

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