Why those who meditate age slower

Why those who meditate age slower

Meditation is one of the most powerful, yet underused, methods of slowing the aging process. A 10 minute meditation session each day is more effective than using the latest $50 anti-aging cream. The mental and spiritual benefits of meditation are very well appreciated but we still aren’t fully aware of its potential in aiding our physical health, especially when it comes to aging. So how exactly does daily meditation keep you looking youthful and vibrant?

Less stress

Stress is one of the leading factors in aging. We have all seen the wrinkles and grey pallor in our skin that come with times of chronic stress, the bags under your eyes and the total lack of vitality. When this kind of stress isn’t resolved, the negative effects that go with it accelerate the aging process dramatically. Meditation is the most effective and accessible method of resolving stress. Even when we can’t escape the stressors, we can use meditation to manage it so well that it doesn’t affect our physical health.


More energy

Emotional distress is extremely taxing on a physical level. Through the use of meditation, we can alleviate emotional distress in a positive and healthy manner. That allows us to feel more energetic and enjoy a genuine sense of wellbeing. Heart pressure is naturally lower and the cardiovascular system functions more efficiently, in turn allowing us to exercise more frequently and more effectively. Without the weight of emotional turmoil sapping our energy and strength, we can begin a self-perpetuating cycle of positive physical health.

Why those who meditate age slowerMore sleep

As important as stress management is in slowing aging is proper sleep. The hours of sleep are when our bodies rest and rebuild. Without that period of rejuvenation, our bodies don’t get the chance to replicate cells properly so we can stay looking young and full of vitality. A solid eight hours a night of sleep can be hard to maintain on a regular basis. Smartphones mean the stresses and strains of the outside world can follow us everywhere. We often don’t get the chance to unplug and unwind. Meditation is the perfect opportunity to shut out the outside world and turn our attentions inwards, to our own needs and lets us heal from the inside out. By bringing our minds into harmony, we allow our bodies the peace to sleep deeply and wake revitalized.

Increased telomerase levels

A growing number of scientific studies have shown how meditation benefits our bodies on a cellular level. Telomerase is an enzyme that controls how often cells can be replicated. An increase in telomerase activity means cells can renew themselves more often, in effect keeping us younger for longer. A confirmed link has been shown between meditation and increased levels of telomerase activity. It is so strong that it suggests that meditation can increase the number of times cells can be regenerated beyond what is programmed into our DNA. We have understood this for centuries on one level or another. We only have to look at the amazing health and vitality seen in Buddhist monks who are masters of meditation.

A simple 10 minute meditation every day is one of the best investments you can make in your health. We need to start looking inward for the most effective and healthiest ways to slow the aging process, instead of relying on creams, chemicals and marketing that just tells us what we want to hear. A pure and powerful way to maintain our bodies as temples is within the reach of everyone as meditation is accessible to all, regardless of background.

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