Natural Health that Can Transform Your Life

Energy Healing: Natural Health that Can Transform Your Life

No matter what, your body energy plays a significant role in your life. A strong energy field surrounds your body your body and is in a state of constant flux. As each day progresses, your energy field is absorbing, emitting, reflecting, and deflecting different energies around you. This is where the energy healing process originates. Energy healing is a practice that leverages your body’s energy to heal itself. It is a highly effective and holistic approach to heal your mind, body, and soul.

The science behind energy healing

There are numerous scientific studies on energy fields. And, the latest technology also allows you to observe the energy fields. Based on these observations and scientific experiments it has been concluded that energy fields can be very useful and have positive effects on your body.

Remember the last time you mentioned that someone sends out positive vibes? These are the vibrations that our bodies are made of, and this energy is known as vibrational energy.

For instance, Reiki is one of the most effective forms of energy healing. It has proved useful for treating mental illness, body pains, and even conditions like Alzheimer’s. Several healthcare practices and medical facilities have started using this natural health practice to cure patients.

Over the years, it has been scientifically proved that by empowering and strengthening your energy fields, you can heal your body and mind.

3 popular types of healing methods

There are 3 major types of energy healing methods that are being used across the globe. These include:

  • Crystal energy healing
  • Reiki
  • Distance

Let’s explore each of these methods in detail.

Crystal energy healing – the crystal will speak for you

It is believed that crystals carry energy and vibrations. For various proven reason, it’s most likely to be true. Just like the universe is made of up different energies, the crystal is also a source of different energies. You can guess the type of energy a crystal contains by merely looking at its color. For instance, if you come across a violet or purple crystal, you can rest assured that it can help you achieve psychic calm and connect you to your conscious mind.  However, don’t try the practice on your own. It’s always a good idea to consult a trained crystal energy healing professional.

Reiki – based on the power of intentions


As already mentioned above, Reiki is one of the most widely practiced energy healing method in the world. It is a Japanese tradition that was started in the early years of the 20th century. There are different forms of Reiki that you can practice. During Reiki, you will be asked to lie straight on a massage table with your clothes on. The person practicing Reiki on you will then will place their hands slightly above your body or on your body, within their energy field. Due to the energy fields surrounding you during Reiki, you might feel a mild tingling sensation and unusual warmth in your body.

Reiki can prove useful if you’re facing a tough time with body pains, emotional stress, or other physical issues. It is clearly based on the power of love, positive energy, and intentions.

Distance healing – long-distance Reiki

In the case of distance healing, the healer is not in your vicinity. They are located somewhere far or in a different space than you. Since there is no location constraint in the case of distance healing, it can be performed from any corner of the world. And, it will have the same effects as Reiki. Also, there’s no special requirement. All you need to do is be in sync with the distance healer’s time and instructions. Similar to Reiki, you’ll be asked to lie straight on your bed or a massage table and receive the distance healing. The intention of the distance healer can have a great impact on your healing.

Choosing the best energy healing practice for your body
Everything depends on your preference

There’s no protocol you need to follow while choosing the best energy healing practice for your body. It’s completely your choice and depends on your preferences. If you’re comfortable with someone touching you, then Reiki can be an ideal choice. If you’re awestruck by the magic of crystals, then you can pick crystal healing. And, if you’re on a business trip but require energy healing to relieve your body from severe pains, then you can request a distance healing session.

Not until you actually try one will you be able to figure out which energy healing practice works well for your body and mind.

Spirituality and energy healing are not interconnected

If you’ve heard someone tell you that you need to be spiritual to benefit from energy healing practices, don’t pay heed to it. The concept is wrong. There is no scientifically proven connection between spirituality and energy healing.

Spiritual healing focuses on drawing energy from one body to another, while energy healing focuses on establishing a strong connection with the energy field of the source and sharing energies to propagate healing.

Other healing practices

Apart from the energy healing practices mentioned above, there are also some other energy healing practices such as Reflexology, Acupuncture, Body Massage and Taiichi. Acupuncture is one healing method that can be self-practiced.

Give medication a break, focus on natural health

If you’re suffering from chronic body pains, high emotional stress, hormonal imbalance or other issues related to your mind and body, you can seek help from an energy healer and try one of the energy healing methods mentioned in the article. Why face the side-effects of medicines, when you can use the magic of energy healing to open the doors to natural health and well-being?

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