Is it possible to change your life using the power of positive thinking? This is a subject that has been discussed for years, and this is because there is an iota of truth in it. Despite the fact that the term ‘positive thinking’ does not pack as much weight as terms such as ‘persistence’ or even ‘work ethic,’ i.e. the belief in the moral value of work, it still packs a mean punch in this era.

Positive thinking is a lot more than having or displaying an optimistic façade or just being happy all the time. In-depth research has shown that when you are surrounded by positive energy or engender positive thoughts, your life will experience a turn-around in the direction of those thoughts, and real value will be added to it.

The power of negative thinking

But why is there so much attention on creating positive thoughts? Here is what happens when your life is flooded with negative thinking.

When you always think negative thoughts or your life is flooded with negative thinking, you are doing your mind a disservice. When your mind is flooded with negativity thoughts, it focuses on limited options while shutting out all other – possibly better – options without consideration. Your brain becomes accustomed to this way of thinking if it has continuously been bombarded with negative emotions and is programmed to shut off the outside world instead of looking for better options.

With negative emotions flooding your mind and your brain closing off options or choices faster than light, your life starts going downhill. Fast. Though it may take a while before it manifests physically, that is the way your life is going in the spiritual. Negative emotions could be feelings of anger, stress, bitterness or fear.

The power of positive thinking

But what happens if you experience positive emotions like love, contentment, joy, etc.? You guessed it; you’ll start seeing more possibilities in life. Aside from engendering good feelings – which subsides after a while unless a conscious effort is put into generating them constantly – positive thinking helps you to develop resources and useful skills.

In other words, when your mind is programmed to start thinking positively, your sense of possibilities becomes broadened. Your mind opens up, and by exploring options, you start learning how to be resourceful, which translates to building a new skill set. These skills could end up becoming extremely valuable to you later in life.

The Good News

It is possible to increase positive thinking in your life; just do anything that arouses feelings of love, joy, and contentment. Anything that works for you is fine, but you should also consider the following:

Meditation – Meditation has to do with the concentration of the mind or the emptying of your mind of thoughts to aid spiritual or mental development. Research has shown that people who meditate from time to time learn how to build lasting skills. Meditation increases mindfulness and will enable you to become more purposeful in life while decreasing symptoms of illness. You can enrol in meditation classes or search on YouTube for guided meditation videos that you can follow along.

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Schedule time for play – This is an activity that is fast going out of existence as a result of the hustle and bustle of life. But if you can schedule conference calls, meetings or weekly events, then you can plan the time to play as well.

As stated earlier, feelings of happiness or joy can make you experience positive energy which is crucial to boosting your quality of life. Therefore, take time out with your friends, family or people that make you happy. Your happiness is much more important than work.

In conclusion, do your best to ensure that positive energy flows in every aspect of your life. By conscious positive thinking on a daily basis, your life will begin to experience positive changes faster than you can ever imagine.

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