What’s the best meditation style for you?

the best meditation style for you

Although there isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate, it’s important to find a practice that meets your needs and complements your personality.

What’s the best meditation style for you?

Question 1 of 12.

Which of the following activities do you find most pleasurable?

1. Enjoying Art
2. Making Art
3. Doing Sports
4. Chit-chatting
5. Sleeping
Question 2 of 12.

What are you trying to find through meditation?

1. Self-Awareness
2. Spiritual Growth
3. Body Peace
4. Mind Peace
5. Complete Enlightenment
Question 3 of 12.

When do you prefer to meditate?

1. During the sunset
2. In the evening/during the night
3. In the morning
4. In the (after)noon
5. During the sunrise
Question 4 of 12.

In moments of hardship, you mostly rely on…

1. Your own strengths
2. Divine forces
3. Friends
4. Family
5. Your luck
Question 5 of 12.

Which house chore are the LEAST daunting?

1. Cleaning
2. Doing laundry
3. Gardening
4. Cooking
5. Washing dishes
Question 6 of 12.

Which of the following words describes you the best?

1. Curious
2. Calm
3. Persistent
4. Flexible
5. Active
Question 7 of 12.

Do you suffer any of the problems below?

1. Panic/anxiety
2. Apathy
3. Depression
4. Chronic stress
5. No, I don’t have any of these
Question 8 of 12.

Your sleeping habits are:

1. Diverse
2. Not so comfortable
3. Regular
4. Good, with rare episodes of insomnia
5. Perfectly under your control
Question 9 of 12.

Picture your perfect meditation spot. Which of the following is the closest to your mental image?

Question 10 of 12.

Pick a drink:

Question 11 of 12.

Pick a pet that seems like the two of you would get along (assuming that the pet won’t bother you while you meditate):

Question 12 of 12.

Have you tried to meditate already?

1. A few times. Didn’t work.
2. I am doing it for a couple of months now.
3. Maybe once.
4. Nope, I’m a first-timer.
5. I have years of meditation experience.

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What’s the best meditation style for you?

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