Reiki Benefits: A New Type of Healing

reiki benefits

When looking for alternative medicine therapies, the Reiki benefits stand out. The Japanese word “rei” means universal energy, and “ki” means vital energy. Reiki is a way of healing the mind and the body through energy. The benefits of Reiki healing include improving our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual being. It’s a noninvasive technique that heals through the imposition of hands on one’s body, transferring the universal energy.

This ancient Japanese technique has been used by many people around the world for, at least, 100 years. And of course, it can’t be considered a scientific technique, but its practitioners and clients affirm it has many benefits.

7 Reiki Benefits

A bit of background before we get to the Reiki benefits

Before going deeper into Reiki benefits, we first need to talk a little about what it truly is and how it works.

7 reiki benefitsIt’s been said that in 1922, the Sensei Mikao Usui founded Reiki as a healing method. As a Buddhist, Usui wanted to provide a method for his students to achieve the final connection with the universal energy.

However, before Usui was even born, there were other Japanese therapists like Matiji Kawakami, Reikaku Ishinuki, and Kogetsu Matsubara whom had already developed a method like Reiki.

By the time Usui had proclaimed his Reiki style, it had already been practiced by many in Japan.

Usui died just four years after naming his healing method, but he had the time to teach around 2000 students and, slowly, it became the Reiki style today we practice everywhere around the world.

So, now that we know where it comes from, what exactly is Reiki about?

Reiki is a Japanese healing method; it is administered by laying on hands (also known as palm-healing) on one person’s head or body and is based on the idea that the universal energy that lives inside everyone, can modified or transmitted into someone to cure through the chakra’s healing.

This life universal energy is called “qi”, and when is low, we are more likely to get sick, feel sad or stressed; but when is high, we feel healthy, happy, and capable of dealing with our lives.

What is a Reiki treatment?

reiki benefitsMany people do not trust Reiki because they consider it a religion, but it really isn’t. A Reiki treatment does not depend on one’s faith or religion. It is an independent practice that only aims for your spiritual growth.

To receive the healing Reiki benefits, you first must go with a practitioner, someone who has been practicing Reiki for years.

He or she will allow her energy to flow into you through her hands. You will be laying down on a massage table; then the practitioner will place her hands on you or close enough to your body, the position of her hands will change often.

The hands will move slowly around your head, shoulders, stomach, and feet, and they will make a short stop depending on the place that afflicts you the most. Each position usually remains for 5 minutes (depending on how much energy the client needs).

Do you feel something while he’s doing this? Some say yes, some say no. Most of the people say they feel a sort of heat going through their body; others say they feel a tingling. The important thing is how you feel afterward.

Many people have expressed they feel deeply relaxed after a Reiki treatment, some have mentioned even to feel like they’re floating outside their bodies, that is why stress reduction is included among the many benefits of Reiki healing.

7 Reiki benefits for healing

As mentioned before, a Reiki treatment is supposed to heal you in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields.

We will talk about 7 Reiki healing benefits, and why is so popular on this side of the world.

  1. Helps relieve pain: Reiki believes our body has 7 chakras, that can be conceived as the center of human energy. Chakras are situated all over our body: head, throat, chest, stomach, womb, and anus. When a Chakra is malfunctioning, the body gets sick, so in a Reiki therapy, energy flows from one body to another to canalize this energy and to help the body heal itself, relieving whatever pain the person is suffering from.
  2. Clears your mind: it’s only natural to feel lighter and less worried after going into such a state of relaxation. Reiki helps you to stay focus and feeling grounded, anxiety diminishes significantly, and it strengthens your capability of accepting that which cannot be changed.
  3. Promotes a natural balance: since you’ll feel calmer and in a more peaceful state of being, one of the most appreciated benefits of Reiki healing is the promotion of a balance between your body, mind, and spirit. This treatment is highly efficient on healing mental and emotional wounds, which can help you cope with stress and you will not only get mental clarity but a stress-free body.
  4. Helps you getting some sleep: when your body feels light, and your mind is at peace, the circadian rhythm comes back to its original functioning, meaning, you get to sleep the right amount of hours without waking up constantly. A good night of sleep gives you the natural energy you need to face the day.
  5. Compliments other therapies: Reiki is a safe type of alternative therapies that can be combined with other medical and psychological treatments. It has been proven that helps a lot with medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy and heart conditions. Since it’s noninvasive, it won’t interfere with any other procedure.
  6. Helps with the emotional cleansing: when we get rid of those feelings that cause us harm, we feel better about ourselves and others around us. To get into a Reiki treatment you do not need to be part of any religion; it is not about worshiping anyone, it’s about making you feel better. Whatever problem hunts you, after some Reiki sessions, you will see it with a different perspective, and as a result, you will have new tools to deal with it.
  7. Speeds up recovery: long-term illness or surgeries, both need a long-term recovery that can be faster when doing Reiki. It reduces surgery pains and regular medicine side-effects. Reiki is a practice quite popular among chemotherapy patients; it really helps them go through their treatment.

Reiki has proved to be helpful for relieving migraines, depression, stress, post-labor stress, bulimia, anorexia, anxiety, emotional and spiritual suffering.

A great feature of Reiki is that it’s for everyone, adults, babies, elderly, toddlers, children and even pets!

If you’re going through a difficult situation in your life, or if you’re looking for answers but they don’t seem to be anywhere near, you should consider taking advantage of Reiki benefits.

Whether you need to free some emotions, to revitalize your mind and body or if you just need to relax a little, this is a great option for you because it doesn’t interfere with your regular life or medicinal treatments.

Dare to take the first step to a better life!

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    Sherry Gajos
    July 31, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    I love what you said about reiki healing helping you to promote a natural balance. I’ve been feeling really unstable about a lot of decisions in my life, so I’ve been considering getting some reiki healing sessions in to help me with being calm again. Thank you for the information about how this treatment is highly efficient in healing mental and emotional wounds and helping you to cope with stress.

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    Millie Hue
    August 29, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    It got me when you said that this kind of healing will make your sleep better because it will make your mind peaceful. I guess I will try to undergo this healing because I haven’t had the chance to sleep well lately. It is because I have a lot of projects which my boss gave me that I should finish in just a month.

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    Alexander Jacques Sabucido
    June 2, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    These are actually great benefits for reiki. Thanks for sharing.

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    David Johnson
    August 8, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    I found it interesting that reiki can help you feel lighter and less worried. Recently, I’ve felt like I’m not in the place I’d like to be in my life and could use some healing. I’ll have to look further into reiki healing.

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