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Are You Ready To Turn Your Life Around And Commit To Endless Happiness?

The Nymphaeum Life is your guide toward authenticity. We offer real solutions to real life situation for real women like You! We are here to show you how to “rise above murky waters” and experience passionate living.

Nymphaeum was created to help free Women from past hurts so that she can be fully present in the moment and open to love. We help women to channel greater levels of intimacy between women and their partner, which energizes their being and expand love for each other, the world, and the universe.

Achieve Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Relationship and Career!

Open up to the world of positive energy and create new possibilities with your Professional Counselor and Intimacy and Relationship Coach Yhanna Soul. She is trained Tantric Practitioner, a Mindful Psychotherapist, and a renowned Reiki Practitioner. She has acquired a decade of experience working within the public school system and integrated her skills to create The Nymphaeum Life.

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Discover The Essence of Your Divine Self With Yhanna

Yhanna is committed to creating strong souls and warrior princesses out of you! She is well-equipped to share tangible practices that will give you the power to reclaim what is truly yours—your unique IDENTITY.

This is your chance to open your heart and mind and find your way through your pain and get your life back.

Yhanna holds a profound capability and capacity to guide women through the depths of their suffering, and transform their pain into limitless strength and power. Don’t waste another day coping with heartbreak and difficulties life throws your way old patterns. Sign up to our mailing list and become part of The Nymphaeum Movement today!

Feel the Freedom, Vitality and Empowerment That’s Waiting For You at The Nymphaeum Life!

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